How FPC Started 

In 1984 Sis Agnes Holmes from N.L.R. AR was down praying. As she pressed her way into the spirit, God began to speak this phrase to her, "go to Guy", go to Guy.

At first she didn't understand, but after many witnesses, she understood it was Guy AR. For eight years God dealt with Sis Holmes about the community of Guy, but the door never opened to start a church.

Around the same time that God was first dealing with Sis Holmes about Guy. A young man in the First Pentecostal Church of N.L.R. was feeling his call to preach. Not knowing what was in store for his life, Bro Michael Blakley's ministry was developed under the careful hand of his pastor, Rev J..N. Holmes. In 1990 Bro Blakley evangelized around the southern part of the United States.

In October 1992, Bro Blakley was preaching a revival in Burke TX. One morning in prayer, the Lord spoke to Bro Blakley," Go home". After seeking God, Bro Blakley felt that God wanted him to take Sis Holmes to Guy AR so that she could be relieved of her burden. At this time Sis Holmes thought maybe God wanted them to have a revival in Guy. Towards the end of October 1992, Bro and Sis Blakley drove Sis Holmes to Guy. After several witnesses, Bro Blakley rented an old laundry-matt to have revival in. On Saturday night, Nov 7th 1992, revival begin in Guy AR. Bro Blakley never returned to the evangelistic field, but remained in Guy AR, and established First Pentecostal Church of Guy AR INC.

Pastor Blakley and the congregation will always honor Sis Agnes Holmes for her burden for Guy AR. Without her burden and vision FPC of Guy would not be here today.

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