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FPC of Guy
Thursday, December 24 2020

Charlie learns what's really important at Christmas.

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Thursday, November 26 2020

After their last adventure, how will John and Tom handle preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner with the kids?

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Saturday, August 01 2020

Join us as we join Adam, Amy, Charlotte, David, and Claire on their new Homestead.

Story Written and Directed by: Angela Heffner


Brandon Heffner

Angela Heffner

Calista Stinett

Alex Golen

Chloe Golen

Greg Burroughs

Caleb Fletcher

Bryleigh Tatum

Skylar Roberts

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Saturday, July 25 2020

Two armies, one valley, only one victor. Join us today as we enter the Valley of Elah at the Showdown in Elah Valley.

Story may be best experienced in Stereo


Story Written by: Caleb Fletcher

Directed by: Brandon Heffner

Sound Production: Trevor Halbrook


Bruce Fletcher

Caleb Fletcher

Brandon Heffner

Angela Heffner

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